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One more payment type

October 18, 2016 Payment Processing, Sales, Trek Cards Erin

With Ascend, you’ve got payment options for every situation. Today, we’re focusing on Trek Credit Card payments due to the changes coming in November and an upcoming Dexter outage.

Keep swiping Trek Cards: The processing system for Trek Credit Cards needed an update, so we’ve bundled it with the latest version of Ascend: Fall 2016.

If you accept Trek Credit Cards, make sure to update to Fall 2016 ASAP, because Ascend versions prior to Falll 2016 will be unable to process Trek Credit Cards beyond October 31st, 2016. 

Don’t currently accept Trek Credit Cards, but wondering what the hype is? With Ascend, you can do more than simply accept Trek Credit Card payments at checkout – you can even help the customer fill out a quick application for a Trek Card at the register.

To do so, your store must be assigned a Trek Card Store ID number by Trek Financial Services. Once you have a Trek Card Store ID, simply update the information in Options > Trek. Check out this helpful guide on our help site for the details

Trek Credit Card Application icon in Ascend

Once you’re done, you can access the Trek Credit Card Quick Application from the desktop using the Trek CC icon, or from a transaction by selecting Customer > Trek Credit Card Application.

So update today and keep (or start) taking those Trek Credit Card payments!

Mark your calendar this weekend: The Dexter website will be down this Sunday, October 23 from 4:00-6:00pm CST for some scheduled maintenance. So plan accordingly when thinking about Vendor Orders over the weekend!

October sales: We’ve got an entire fleet of inventory scanners available for rent, and ready to help you reduce your scan time during cycle counts and full-store inventory. If you place your rental order before October 31st, you can get a sweet discount! Book some scanners today.


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