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There’ve been a lot of changes recently, so this week we’re hoping to show you how Summer 2016 helps you simplify. Learn about a couple of ways we’re doing that with receipt logos and how we’ve updated the easily-accessible Customer Multi-Store History Report. Plus, don’t forget about our hardware sales this month!

One Stop Shop for Receipt Logos: Did you know you can print your shop logo on your receipts? Well, you can… and the process just got easier. In the Summer 2016 version of Ascend, you can add a logo to both your Work Order and Sales receipts with a few simple clicks.

In Devices and Printers, you can right-click on your receipt printer to access Printing Preferences > Utilities > Epson Flash Logo. From here, you can add your shop logo and the Flash Logo utility will automatically resize and prepare it for use!

If you’ve already set up logos this way for your Work Order receipts in an earlier version of Ascend, we’ve got good news: you now have the same logo on your Sales receipt. No need to do anything else.

And if you choose not to print your shop logo, it won’t change anything for you either. Win-win! If you’ll be updating from Winter 2015 or earlier, please ensure you run through this process before attempting to run any sales on all workstations that print receipts.

One Click for Customer History: If you use Ascend Online Reports (AOR), you already know that there is a huge amount of data at your fingertips. One useful, and easily accessible, report is the Customer Multi-Store Transaction History report. With it, you can see a customer’s full sales history – with completed and incomplete sales – from any of your locations. To launch it, just click on Customer Transaction History in the History tab below the customer information on a sale (found on the right side of the screen during a transaction).

And we didn’t forget about permissions. There are a couple that can help you access this report and we’ve enabled them by default on a few of our User templates:

One Way To Know What’s Coming: The videos for Summer 2016 version of the Ascend are already live on Ascend UniversityTake some time to check out the videos and get more information on the changes to Receipt Logos, the Customer Multi-Store Transaction History Report, and a few more new features. 

One Special Sales Deal: For the month of June, you can get $35 off of a Zebra LP2824 Plus label printer or $50 off a Zebra LI4278 cordless scanner – and we even have some refurbished LI4278 scanners for just $350. Email sales@ascendrms.com to place your order today.

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