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Ordering and Registering Electra Products in Ascend

January 9, 2014 General, Inventory, Products, Sales Mark

In case you haven’t heard, Trek acquired Electra.  Here’s what you need to know about ordering and registering Electra products in Ascend.

Update Your Product Records

Electra bikes are included in our Trek product update that was posted this morning.  If you already sell Electra and have their products and UPCs in Ascend, Trek will be added as a vendor when you import the new parts list.  If not, Ascend will automatically create new vendor products and in-store product records for you.  Electra parts and accessories are scheduled to be included in our Trek product update next week.

Ordering Products

Once you’ve imported the Electra bike records from Trek into Ascend, you should order them from Trek.  Submit the order through the Ascend order screen with Trek as the vendor.  The orders will be placed into backorder status until the products arrive in Trek’s warehouses.  Stay up to date on Dexter for arrival details.  You should continue to order parts and accessories directly from Electra until they’re available to import into Ascend.

Trek Care Registration

When you sell an Electra bike, if you’re already set up for Trek Care, Ascend will automatically bring up the registration window.  If you fill out the registration information it will be entered into Trek’s warranty database.  Those customers, however, will not receive a confirmation email from Trek.   While in the registration window you can sell Trek Care Plus contracts for them too.   If you’re not set up for Trek Care registration or for selling Trek Care Plus contracts, click here for more details.

Please contact our Ascend Support Team if you have any additional questions.


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