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QBP Integration Update

January 17, 2014 Ordering Mark

Here’s an update on Ascend’s integration with the new QBP website:

I apologize for the problems with the new integration.  We understand that ordering from one of your major suppliers is temporarily more difficult than it should be.  It’s our goal, with all software updates, that they work without issue.  Unfortunately that didn’t happen with this project.  I can assure you of two things:

  1. We’re working with our partners at QBP to resolve the current issues as soon as possible.
  2. We will learn our lessons from this project to make sure we do a better job in the future.

Product Availability:

Earlier this week we restored the QBP availability check in Ascend.  When you’re building your QBP order, click the Availability button to make sure the products you want are in stock.

Submitting Orders:

QBP will be releasing updates this weekend to restore the order submit function from Ascend.  We’ll be running tests Monday morning (1/21) to verify it’s working.  Watch the Ascend Customer Network (ACN) for updates.  You will not have to run any updates to Ascend in your stores.

New Customer Information Panel:

As you know, we’re continuously working on the next improvement.  We’re well underway with Version 2.9.  One of the highlights is a new customer information panel in the Sales screen.  Luke Natvig, Ascend’s Product Manager, previewed it on the Ascend Customer Network earlier this week.  Click here if you missed it.  If the link doesn’t work, then you haven’t joined us yet on the ACN.  Email our support team at help@ascendrms.com to get your invitation to join.

Have a great weekend!

Mark Hoggatt
Ascend General Manager

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2 responses to “QBP Integration Update”

  1. Quick question, Does the website info in vendor info have any affect on the integration of Ascend with QBP? Just want to make sure that we are ready to fly once fixed. We did all other updates per previous instructions. I know their is a new url for qbp ordering and was not sure if that is going to create a problem.

    • Mark Hoggatt says:

      Steve, the website field in the Vendor window is for reference only. It’s not connected to the integration. Watch the ACN for final details on how to configure Ascend to use the new QBP integration.

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