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Red Shield Integration in Version 2.5

August 28, 2012 General, Version Updates Mark

With Version 2.5 we’ve made it easier to sell and register Red Shield extended warranty contracts.

Previously, to register the contracts you had to get out of Ascend and go into Dexter.  That either slowed down the sales process or meant that the contracts had to be entered later on.  Because of that some contracts were never registered.

Now when you add a Red Shield SKU to a sale, Ascend will automatically bring up the registration screen.  As an added bonus, it will automatically fill in the customer information you’ve already entered in Ascend.  For verification purposes, you will still need to manually enter the bike and Red Shield SKU information on the second registration screen.

If you’re not registered to sell Red Shield contracts, contact your Financial Services Representative to get set up.

If you are already registered, make sure your employees are offering to sell contracts with every Trek bike sale.

Version 2.5 is currently in our early release period.  Over 70 locations have updated and are using the new version.  We will make it available to everyone to download on 9/17.  We will offer overview webinars on 9/18 and 9/19.  Watch here for more details.

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