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Reporting for duty

This week, we’re covering the many reporting options available to Ascend users. Everything from your daily reports within the Ascend system to the complex custom-created reports you can design for you and your shop’s use in Ascend Analytics.

Veterans’ Day is this Saturday (November 11) in the US and the Ascend team would like to send out a big thank you to all veterans, past and present. We salute you for your dedication and bravery. Thank you and your families for the sacrifices you make.

Ascend Reports: With Ascend, you can access up-to-the-minute sales and inventory reports from any of your workstations, without ever leaving the Ascend app. With almost 100 reports and a custom report area, all the data you could ever need is right at your fingertips.

Just navigate to Reports  in Ascend. Use the list on the left to find a report that fits your needs. You can open and close lists such as End of Day, Incomplete Sales, Sales, and more. Double-click the report you’d like to run. You may have to fill in a prompt (such as Date Range) to run the report.

Otherwise, you can set up a custom report based on Customer information by selecting the Cust Query on the Reporting page (such as top customers by sales dollars). Or create a custom report with Product information with the Prod Query icon.

On top of that, Ascend has two other reporting platforms that you can access from anywhere – not just from your Ascend workstations.

Ascend Online Reports: Ascend Online Reports (AOR) is an excellent web resource for additional Ascend reports, with several reports that can be run for multiple locations (if you’re part of a multi-store chain). These reports are some of the most likely ones that your staff might need to view (or print) across multiple locations, and they provide owners a lot of important data they might need when they’re off-site.

You can navigate to AOR from Ascend by selecting the AOR icon on your reporting page in Ascend. If you plan to access AOR from a computer without Ascend, email the Ascend Support team to obtain your store-specific URL.

Ascend Analytics: Ascend Analytics is our highly personalized and customizable reports website. You can customize your view and date range right from the main page, set annual goals and budgets (and compare your actual sales data to those goals), and use the Analyzer to design your own reports and metrics.

To open Analytics, select Integration > Trek > Login to Ascend Analytics from the Ascend desktop. Or, just enter analytics.ascendrms.com in your preferred browser. 

Your user information for Ascend Analytics is not the same as the one you use to log into Ascend. If you’re unsure of your account information, contact your manager or store owner. If you are the owner, email the Support Team to request a password reset.

Finally, if you ever realize a report isn’t fitting your needs, you can always reach out to the Ascend support team and get a custom report built, just for you!



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