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December 8, 2015 Reservations, Version Updates Eddy

The Winter 2015 version of Ascend is finally here! And with it come payment processing improvements, Work Order updates, fancy new receipt formats, and upgrades to Reservations.

Update your workstations today to start taking advantage of all the new functionality. It’s quick, easy, and painless. Besides, our team is here to help if you run into trouble. Not convinced? Read on to learn more about our reservation upgrades, then head here to take a look at a short video that walks you through the other big changes.

The more, the merrier: One of the biggest asks of our Reservation functionality was having the ability to assign multiple rental units to a single reservation. And I think we delivered! With the Winter 2015 version of Ascend, users can not only assign multiple rental units to a reservation, but they can also assign specific renters to those units. Easily:

Ready? Go: Customers want to make sure they’re getting full use of their rentals and you want to make sure you’re getting your units back on time, so we’ve made it easy to do both. You can now:

Color me pretty: Over the last year, we’ve focused on making Ascend look and feel like the retail management powerhouse it is. First we brought an updated desktop, then we improved the toolbar icons. Now, we’re tweaking the Reservation windows to include the same color palette we’ve grown to love. Reservations are now color coded depending on their start/end dates and check out/check in status – making it easier to see what equipment is available at a glance.

A few more things: I know we were focusing on Reservation updates, but we have more to share. With the Winter 2015 version of Ascend you can now apply additional discount methods for promotional sales. Update today to take advantage of:

If you’ve been keeping up with updates, updating to the Winter 2015 version should be a breeze. If you haven’t been so diligent, it’s still really easy. So, take a few minutes during closing tonight and update your workstations so that you and your staff can start taking advantage of these and all over improvements ASAP. You won’t regret it!

And if you haven’t heard, we launched Ascend University a few weeks ago with a bunch of new modules aimed at helping you get the most out of your favorite retail management system. The best thing? If you’re already a Sparc account holder through one of our brand partners (like Trek or Shimano), then you’re already good to go. Just head to http://ascend.university/login and login with your existing credentials.


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