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Sales, Sales, Sales!

Here in Wisconsin, the weather’s warming up and we’ve lost most of our snow cover. That can only mean one thing – Spring! No doubt your customers have cabin fever just as much as we do, so get ready to start selling.

Trek Fest 2016: Have you heard? Trek has expanded Trek Fest 2016 to March 1 through April 11, and is making participation free for all Trek retailers. Trek Fest includes product discounts for both you and the customers, and a special rebate for you on qualifying bikes sold during the promotion. Learn more on Dexter, then head to our how-to guide to learn how to set up your system.

Refresh Your Ride: If you’re participating in the Trek Connect Retail Marketing program, it’s also time for the Refresh Your Ride campaign! Your top 100 customers will receive a catalog – with a special coupon – and any customer on your mailing list will also receive promotional emails during the campaign. Learn more on Dexter, then head to our Trek Connect Retail Marketing Setup help topic to ensure you’re ready to go.

March Madness: Want to quickly capture customer information from their driver’s license? During March only, get the DS4308-DL corded scanner for $325, or the DS6878-DL cordless scanner for $800. These scanners can also scan standard barcodes, QR codes, and can even scan from a smartphone screen, so they can completely replace your existing units.

If you’re a Canadian retailer, don’t fret. We’re working on bringing this feature to you soon! You can purchase these scanners now so that you can be ready as soon as we are. The DS4308-DL corded scanner is C$416 and you can pick up the DS6878-DL cordless scanner for only C$1024.

To order, contact the Ascend Support Team, or send an email to sales@ascendrms.com.

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