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Scan, Swipe, Save

August 13, 2015 Customers, Payment Processing, Sales Eddy

Trek World was a blast! Thanks to everyone who paid us a visit. We have some really cool features coming soon and were excited to share some of them with you.

Missed us? No problem.

We’ll be highlighting  upcoming functionality over the coming weeks right here on the blog. And if you want to know more or have any questions, make sure to reach out to the Ascend Support Team. But for now just sit back, relax, and check-out the awesome hardware we have big plans for.

Scan with the Symbol DS4308: If you’re looking for a powerful, flexible handheld scanner – look no further. Our new offering will scan virtually any barcode and allows you to scan nearer and farther than any other scanner in it’s class. It has this awesome thing called PRZM Intelligent Imaging inside – basically, it gives your team the power to scan 1-D, 2-D, electronic, paper, and plastic labels. It’ll even try to fill-in-the-blank if the barcode is dirty, scratched, or poorly printed.

What does this mean for you? Better data, faster checkout, shorter lines, and happy customers.

And the best part: it scans drivers licenses! Coming with the Fall 2015 version of Ascend is the ability to add customer data to the customer record with a simple scan. Capture the full name, street address, state, zip code, birthday, and gender without having to type it all out line by line. If those aren’t reasons enough to upgrade, you should re-read the last paragraph.

Swipe, Tap, or Insert with the iSC Touch 250: E! M! V! The liability shift is getting close and we’re prepared, are you? If not, you should think about placing your order for our new payment processing unit soon. Besides being capable of accepting EMV (Chip & Pin) credit and debit cards, it’s fast, secure, and comes with a full-color touchscreen. It will also allow us to incorporate digital signature capture, custom contracts (did anyone say rentals?), and NFC payments into the upcoming versions of Ascend. And if you missed it, check out this recent post that has a bit more detail regarding the change.

Best of all, it’s capable of doing all of the above on it’s own. This single device will replace your credit card swipe, pin pad, and pole display – freeing up some of that precious counter space.

Need more information or want to place your order to ensure you get it in time for the October 1st transition deadline? Reach out to our Sales Team by sending an email to sales@ascendrms.com or give us a call at 800 313 8735 x12030 and mention this post. But hurry! Retailers worldwide are rushing to update their hardware before the liability shift.

One last thing – if you aren’t rockin’ the Summer 2015 version of Ascend yet, you’re missing out. From Case Quantities to Scheduled Backups, it’s got something for everyone and we have the video to prove it. So, take a few minutes and update your workstations today. Need more info? Click here to view the release notes or visit Ascend University on Vimeo to watch short video tutorials showcasing our latest features.

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5 responses to “Scan, Swipe, Save”

  1. Bill McEnery says:

    If this is a double up, please disregard.
    Between our stores, we have a number of places where we have 2 registers/workstations next to each other. Is there a way to have a “full service” register (costing $500-$600 to make compliant), and a “minimal service” register (costing $200-$300)? That would probably save us, somewhere between $1200-$1500 (That’s the profit from a $3000 bike sale!!!!).

    • Eddy Cevilla says:

      I totally understand. Unfortunately, we’ve stopped development and sales for all terminals except the iSC Touch 250.

      Though, if your concern is simply remaining compliant, you could always just purchase enough hardware for the workstations that experience high traffic and continue using your current setup for all non-EMV cards.

      Remember: you are only liable if you use an EMV equipped card on a non-EMV capable terminal. Any other cards can be used on existing equipment without issue. You would just have to communicate the difference to staff to ensure any chipped card is run through the appropriate terminal.

      Granted this is a somewhat short-term solution, but we expect it will take months (if not years) for all banks to replace their non-EMV cards to Chip & Pin, so it will at least buy you some time.

      If you have any more questions, feel free to reach out directly to me at eddy_cevilla@ascendrms.com.

  2. Bill McEnery says:

    Got it. Makes sense. In our configuration, we have multiple workstations next to each other (to handle busy times). Can we have a set up where we might have a “full-service” register (costing us $500-600 to upgrade), and a “basic service” register (that would cost $200-300) to set up?

  3. Bill McEnery says:

    The iSC looks like a good options. Just curious whether you looked at the Verifone vx820? It looks like it’s pricing out about half the cost of the iSC. The screen is smaller, but handles all the foreseeable payment types and has the same security.

    • Eddy Cevilla says:

      Hey Bill,

      Initially, we were actually going to offer two iSC options with the smaller of the two being similar to the VX820 you mentioned. However, only about 5% of preorders for the new payment processors have been for the smaller version. And considering that offering both would almost double development time, we’ve decided to consolidate and focus all efforts on a single option. The smaller version also doesn’t allow for digital signature capture nor does it give you the option to use custom contracts or waivers.

      We hope this change will allow us to get more of the features into the program faster, while enabling all of our retailers to use the functions we have planned.

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