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By now, your season is probably in full swing – and now that customers are out and about in the great outdoors, their equipment probably needs some TLC and your service center is bustling. This week, we have a few tips to keep things humming along.

Hotfix incoming: Retailers have been quick to adopt the June 2018 version of Ascend – over 75% of our retailers world-wide have jumped at the chance to update over the last month! Unfortunately, they also found a few bugs affecting multi-store transfers that managed to get past our rigorous QA and beta testing.

The severity of these bugs warranted an emergency fix, so we’ve released an updated version of the software to all multi-store retailers. Please plan to update all your locations (including any Events, Warehouse, or Ecommerce locations) as soon as you possibly can. You can read all about the issues which were fixed in the release notes.

Retailers with only a single location are not affected and will not receive this update.

Warranty what for: No matter how great the manufacturer is, there’s always a few items that manage to slip through their assessments. Ascend makes it easy to account for customer returns due to warranty issues and to keep track of the request status with the vendor. Our How do warranties work? knowledge base article walks you through the process from start to finish.

If your store carries Trek bikes, the process for filing a warranty claim works a bit differently than other vendors. But never fear – we have a How do I process Trek warranties? knowledge base article and Process a Trek Warranty Ascend University module to get you through that process, too!

Orderly work orders: Scheduling your work orders based on your service technicians’ scheduled work hours takes the guesswork out of running your service center. If you’re not already using this feature in Ascend, get started with our How do I set up my service center’s availability for scheduling? knowledge base article and Set the Schedule with Technician Settings Ascend University module – then move on to our How do I manage my service center’s workload? knowledge base article and Assign Work Order Details Using the Availability Tool Ascend University module.

Reservation roundup: In the June 2018 version of Ascend, we’ve completely revamped our Reservations feature. Use it to manage your fleet(s), rates, customer reservations, and transactions for rentals, demos, or any other services your shop may offer. Our How do I get started with Ascend’s Reservations functions? knowledge base article and Ascend University modules will step your through the entire process.

Sherpa rewards: Are you an Ascend University Sherpa? Reach Sherpa status (complete all modules with a quiz score of 80% or higher) by July 31 at 11:59 PM CST, and you’ll be entered in our drawing to win a brand-new Xbox One S! Get all the details.

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