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Meet Stratus

Your update to Spring 2017 is finally here! Update starting  Tuesday, March 28th and learn more about scheduling your upgrade to Stratus, our new multi-store backend platform.

Spring is here: The Spring 2017 version of Ascend has a lot to offer: tracking information for Special Orders, updated Work Order large receipts, Ingenico firmware updates that let you accept more cards, and some backend improvements for our multi-store retailers. 

Make sure to give yourself plenty of time to update all the computers in your shop. And once you’ve updated Ascend, remember to run the firmware update for each of your Ingenico terminals. This can take up to 15 minutes each. Please do not unplug your device until the firmware update is complete. Unplugging your device during the update will render it bricked and a replacement will be needed.


Welcome to Stratus: If you’re a multi-store retailer, you have a couple more steps before your update is complete.

The new version brings you a faster and more responsive multi-store environment called Stratus. But don’t worry, all existing multi-store functionality stays the same. You’ll just have a better way for staff to manage your location data!

However, moving to this faster and more reliable multi-store platform requires a hand from the Support Team. So first make sure all your locations are on the Spring 2017 version of Ascend and all your Ingenicos have the firmware update. Then, click here to schedule a time to move your database to Stratus.

Last chance for closeout pricing: For the month of March, our US retailers can get clearout prices on trade show hardware (while supplies last). If you’ve been thinking of purchasing a new printer, scanner, computer, or cash drawer, now’s the time to hit us up!

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