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Spring is Special

March 6, 2017 Special Orders, Version Updates Erin

Your customers are special – and their orders are too. So we’re making this spring special by bringing some helpful changes to Special Orders.

Less than a month: March is already here! And it’s bringing the Spring 2017 version of Ascend with it. Available to all retailers on Tuesday, March 28th, the Spring 2017 version of Ascend has some exciting new features and behind-the-scenes updates to make your system faster.

What’s so special: Spring 2017 brings new columns for Special Orders in  your transactions. When you add a special order to a sale, check out the new columns that appear after Special Order Status:

We also added the option “Complete” to Special Order Statuses, so you’ll have a historical record of all special orders, regardless of transaction status.

Special Order information in a sale

This feature retroactively updates previous Special Orders – any products that were special ordered before the Spring 2017 update will have that special order completed status on their sale. Giving you all historical information about Special Orders to use in reports or queries.

Your Purchase Orders also have new information for Special Order Items, letting you know if the item is for a Layaway Transaction or a Work Order Transaction. This should make receiving items easier! Now you know where to stow the item in your shop, and who to notify: the customer or the mechanic.

Next step for multi-store: Our developers have been hard at work designing a new back-end platform to better handle and distribute the increased load for multi-store retailers. The end result? A faster and more responsive multi-store environment!

To get updated to this faster network, all store locations need to update to Spring 2017 version of Ascend. Click here to request your upgrade after updating your workstations to Spring 2017.

Update those vendor files: Spring also brings new products and updated vendor spreadsheets. Make sure to update your database with the latest from your vendors by using the built-in vendor update utility or by accessing the vendor files on our website.

You can also stay up-to-date on new vendor file releases by joining the Vendor Product Update group on the Ascend Customer Network to get notified when new files are posted.

Don’t forget: You’re running out of time to request a website log in before the universal login is disabled.

If you’ve already requested a username and password, you should’ve received an email confirmation. We’re currently migrating the site to it’s new home. Once we’re done, we’ll finish creating your account and you’ll receive another email with the next steps. In the meantime, please continue to use your existing credentials.

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