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February 11, 2020 Hardware, Reservations, Version Updates, Work Orders Erin

Over 50% of Ascend retailers world-wide have already updated to the January 2020 version of Ascend. Are you one of them? We’re got a few good reasons to jump into the new year!

Rental reports: Head to the Reports area of Ascend to check out the new Rental Inventory report. You can easily view cost, quantity information, and more on your itemized rental fleet to help make managing your fleet a breeze. 

Easily cancel a reservation: No one wants to cancel their bike ride or kayaking trip due to weather or other unexpected circumstances… But it happens! And with January 2020 it’s easier than ever to cancel a Reservation when those situations arise. On the Reservation Center or within a Reservation, click the Cancel button to remove all Rental Items, remove the Rental Charges item from the linked Rental transaction, and change the Reservation status to Cancelled.

Work order updates: Your service techs are going to love the updates to Work Orders in January 2020. Now they can easily edit or add Internal Notes on a Work Order Detail or Comments on the Work Order transaction in the Service Center (no need to open the ticket!). You can also add a Start Date to your Work Order Details when they don’t require immediate attention. For now, Work Order Turnaround metrics are still calculated based on the date the Work Order Detail was created – but we’re working on getting you the most accurate data possible, so keep an eye out for an update to this calculation.

Minimum hardware requirements: Starting in January 2020, Ascend no longer supports Windows 7. This operating system was originally released by Microsoft in 2009 and Microsoft stopped supporting Windows 7 in 2015. To ensure the best experience for all of our customers, the January 2020 version of Ascend cannot run on Windows 7 machines. You can upgrade to Windows 10 here

Need new hardware? We’ve got it! Head to this link to take advantage of special financing offers and an awesome warranty on everything you purchase. 


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