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Stay Positive

March is starting off with a snow storm here in Wisconsin, but that won’t stop us from bringing you lots of Ascend goodies. The Spring 2016 version of Ascend will be available to retailers on March 29th, so let’s take a look at a few of the features that will come with it.

Stay positive: If you use In-Store Credit to keep track of customers’ account balance, you probably know what it’s like to “overdraw” their account. Well, no more!

In Spring 2016, Ascend will no longer let you save In-Store Payments that go “in the wrong direction” and overdraw a customer’s existing balance. If you select “In-Store” as your payment type and accidentally set the amount incorrectly, the Save button will be disabled. When the amount is set to be equal to or less than the available In-Store Balance, the Save button becomes active again.

Have some balances that need to be cleaned up? Head over to our Fix Legacy Liability Balances guide for step-by-step instructions.

Change your view: A lot of information is stored within your Products folder. If you search or Show All, the grid usually fills up pretty quickly. Now, with the Spring 2016 version of Ascend you can rearrange the columns temporarily to help you get the info you need at-a-glance, without scrolling.

We’ve even added some new columns to the Product grid, such as Category, Color, and Min/Max values.

Save paper: For retailers with the iSC Touch 250 terminals – get ready to save some paper. With the Spring 2016 update, your customers can use electronic signature capture for Credit card payments. Simply select the Payment Type in a transaction, update the amount if needed, and let your customers take it from there.

Options allow you to print a customer receipt with or without their signature line (if you print a receipt at all). Ascend will also automatically store the digital signature for a year and you can reprint the Signature Receipt during that time, if needed, with just a few clicks.

Remember: The Spring 2016 version of Ascend is available to Beta retailers as of March 1. To help you with the transition, keep an eye on Ascend University for new videos. If you are not a Beta retailer…stay tuned! You can catch a glimpse of the update here, then update your workstations come March 29th.

Another thing to remember is our March Sale Specials. During this month you can get the DS4308-DL corded scanner and the DS6878-DL cordless scanners at a discounted price. You can use these scanners to quickly capture customer information by scanning their driver’s license, but they can also scan barcodes, QR codes, and images from smartphone screens.

This month only, the DS4308-DL corded scanner is $325 and the DS6878-DL cordless scanner is $800.

We’re working to bring this feature to our Canadian retailers soon. You can prepare by purchasing the DS4308-DL corded scanner for C$416 or the DS6878-DL cordless scanner for C$1024.

Contact the support team or email sales@ascendrms.com to order yours.

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2 responses to “Stay Positive”

  1. janet hall says:

    We allow employees and some customers to use instore credit when they don’t have it. We manage that as our accounts receivable. Will be have to change that process?

    • Sarah says:

      Hi Janet –
      You will need to change this process. We’d recommend using the Purchase on Account function for this. Otherwise, you can create a custom payment type, but these balances would need to be tracked outside of Ascend.

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