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Stuffed with Orders

We hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend full of good food and lots of sales. But this is just the beginning of the holiday season! In preparation for the holidays and the Winter 2016 release next week, let’s talk about Vendor Order updates.

It’s Coming: The Winter 2016 version of Ascend will be available to all retailers on next Tuesday, December 6th. Make sure to set aside some time outside of normal business hours to update your system. It only takes a few minutes and can help speed up the rest of your processes.

You can get prepared by watching the overview video or reviewing the release notes. And you can learn more about using the updates by checking out our videos on Ascend University including:

Last Chance for a Shout-Out: We’ve extended our deadline to submit questions for the Winter 2016 Release Webinar. So, while you’re reading our winter release notes (or checking out the overview video), write down your questions. Then, email those questions to our team at training@ascendrms.com by December 1st.

Ready to Receive: Starting with Winter 2016, the Receive icon will take you to the Orders window in Database Explorer. The new Active icon is selected by default, and filters your orders to only show orders with at least one item that has not been received. But you can deselect the Active icon to see all orders for a specified date range instead. 

You can search through orders by PO Number, Vendor, a specific Part Number, and more. Plus, when you highlight an order, the Order Item Information shows in the lower part of the screen, so you can easily see both the products and product information connected to this Vendor Order without having to leave the window or jump to another screen.

The visible fields on the Orders window can also be customized. Drag and drop columns to rearrange them or right click on the column headers to change which columns appear, using the Column Chooser. You can also filter any of the columns by using the filter icon that appears when hovering over any header.

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2 responses to “Stuffed with Orders”

  1. Mark @ walts says:

    We need a monthly report which shows only dollar totals on work order detail items. Not anything added at register to work order. Thanks

    • Sarah says:

      Hi Mark –
      Have you looked at any of the reports under the Work Orders section (I believe Details with Customer Name and Phone might give you what you’re looking for)? If these don’t work, please give the Support Team a call so we can get you exactly what you’re looking for!

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