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Summer 2017 is here!

Summer 2017 is here! Update to the latest version of Ascend today. And we know you’re getting busy, so we’ve made this release focus on some back end changes meant to help provide sales floor benefits.

Get the highlights, watch the overview video (below) for a peek at the new features, read our release notes to learn about ALL of the changes in this release, and schedule some time to get your store updated ASAP.

Coupon Wizard: When there are coupons that we know a lot of retailers will need we can now do all the work of creating them for you. All you’ll need to is download them.

Want the full scoop? Check out our help topic and Ascend University module!

Standardized receipts: Have you noticed that, depending on what kind of transaction you’re in, receipts look a little different? Well, in Summer 2017 we’ve made all receipts match. Larger text makes it much easier for your customers to read and make sense of what they’re buying.

Void Approvals: What the heck does it even mean? If you’re interested in the full explanation, check out a previous post.

But basically, some banks (primarily small, local banks) didn’t implement the full standards for EMV payments, so their chips sent back a message that wasn’t up to the processing security standards.

We’ve done some work on this – Summer 2017 makes it easier than ever to accept chip card payments.

QuickBooks® tax descriptions: Make life easier for your bookkeeper and/or accountant by entering a Description for each of your Tax Types.

Are you a Canadian retailer? Then get extra excited because this means you can now use Ascend’s integration with QuickBooks®!

Ascend Health Checkup performance: The Ascend Health Checkup report on Ascend Online Reports (AOR) is a great way to gauge how well your store adheres to retail best practices. And Summer makes it even faster. Check your score today!

Summer sales: For the month of June, we’re offering special financing on all purchases over $500.

Don’t miss out – place your order today!


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