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Swing into action

January 22, 2019 Ascend University, Videos Erin

Start the year right with some superhero training on Ascend University (and a chance to win BIG!), dusting off the cobwebs on your old accounts (or creating some new ones!), and using your spidey-senses to get insider information on Trek’s new B2B website being launched this year.

Win to play: We’ve got some new videos on Ascend University that we’re excited to share with you! To help you swing into action, we’re giving away a PlayStation 4 with a copy of Marvel’s Spider-Man. Finish each module from all three schools by 11:59 PM CST on February 1st and be entered to win a 1TB PlayStation 4 Slim Spider-Man bundle.

Learn more here.

Swing into Action on Ascend University

If you don’t have an Ascend University account yet, it’s easy to join. Simply navigate to ascend.university and select Create Account to get started. If you already have a Trek University account, you can log into Ascend University with the same credentials!

Stay in the web: Do you ever feel out the Ascend loop? There’s a lot of other great ways to stay up-to-date besides signing up for Ascend University. Tune into the latest announcements from Ascend by following these simple steps:

  1. Make sure you’re signed up for the Ascend Customer Network on Yammer.
  2.  Customize your Ascend Customer Network email settings so you’ll be notified about the important stuff! Just go to: Settings > Edit Settings > Notifications > Email me when… and check the boxes for when you’d like to be emailed.
  3. See if you’re set up to receive text alerts when there’s an Ascend service issue.
  4. Do you follow us on Twitter and Facebook?

Trek B2B website update: Trek is going to be replacing Dexter with a new mobile-friendly platform in March 2019. The new platform will make it easier for you to place and track orders, compare products, and more.

So how does this affect your Trek ordering through Ascend? It doesn’t! If you are currently integrated for Trek vendor orders in Ascend, you will still be able to order like normal in Ascend after the update in March.

Check out this article from Trek for more information on their new site.


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