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Version 2.7

The Fine Print You'll Actually Want to Read

With every new release we, like most software companies, tout the big new features.  But buried down in the fine print of the release notes are many small changes worthy of your attention.  We understand if we only focus on big projects, small but necessary improvements get neglected.  So with every release we’re devoting a portion of our time to small Read More

3 Prep Steps for Your Upcoming Continuous Improvement Event

With Fall upon us and Winter approaching, now is the time to take a step back, to evaluate your business and to set an action plan for the coming year.  A continuous improvement event with Trek is the perfect format to do this.  Here are 3 steps to get ready for your event. Schedule It!  Read More

The Top 4 Reasons to Update to Version 2.7

There are many great reasons to update to Ascend Version 2.7.  Here are the Top 4: Join the Crowd:  Nearly 200 locations have already updated.  You should join them. Save Time:  Reduce the time it takes to receive your bike orders and scan in serial numbers. Save Money:  Don’t discount your labor charges.  Use the Read More

Introducing Ascend Version 2.7

We’re excited to announce that on Tuesday night, September 17th, we will release Ascend Version 2.7. Register for a webinar: We’re hosting webinars to give you an overview of the new features in this release.  There will be one on Tuesday the 17th at 9am Central Time and another on Wednesday the 18th at 11am Read More

Don't Discount Your Service Labor Charges

If you don’t discount your service department’s labor charges, Ascend has just made your life easier.  If you do, perhaps this new feature will change your mind. New “Exclude Labor Items” Checkbox: We’ve added a new Exclude Labor Items checkbox to the Discount Calculator form.  When you open the form from a Work Order that Read More

Top 5 #TrekWorld Topics

We had a fantastic time at #TrekWorld visiting with our great customers.  Here were the Top 5 conversation topics: Financial Discipline:  The seminar of the week was John Burke’s “7 Keystone Habits for Successful Dealers”.  Keystone habit #1 was “Financial Discipline”:  You should have a 2014 budget by the end of this year.  You should be Read More

The End of "Oops!"

Currently in Ascend, when you open a product record, it goes right to the Quantity field.  On occasion this leads to people mistakenly changing the quantity on hand.  When they do, there’s no trace of what happened except for an inventory adjustment that says “Changed quantity within Product Editor”. In the upcoming Version 2.7 we’ve Read More

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