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Taking stock

It’s December – and you may be adding either “finally” or “already,” or maybe even both! But before 2020 comes to a close, make sure you’ve got a plan for your year-end physical inventory count.

Scanner rentals: Having more scanners on your floor during
your physical inventory makes the scanning process go faster – but you probably
only need one or two for the rest of the year. If you have multiple locations,
you can pool scanners, but even that may not be enough. But you’re in luck – Ascend
support maintains a small fleet of inventory scanners you can rent for just
this occasion!

However, quantities are extremely limited and are reserved on
a first-come-first-served basis. They sell out FAST, so be sure to get
your request in early
! The last and first weeks of the year are
especially popular, so if you already know you’ll be doing your inventory
counts during that time, you may want to even put
in your request
as much as a year ahead of time.

Inventory prep: There’s a lot that goes into full-store
inventory counts, so it’s best to start your arrangements at least a month
ahead of the date you’ll actually be counting. Follow our preparation
to learn what to do a month before, a week before, and in the
days leading up to your count date. You can also review the list of user
permissions recommended for each role
in the count, and get tips on effectively
splitting your store into appropriate sections

And be sure to read through all of our inventory
in the knowledge base and complete all of the inventory
on Ascend University.

Holiday prep: While the holidays will certainly look
different this year, customers will still be using creative shopping methods –
so ensure you’re prepared! Ascend gives you multiple functions to take care of
all your customers’ gift needs.

Gift cards and gift certificates will likely be at the top of
many peoples’ lists. These are an easy way to bring money into your store while
letting your customers wait to shop in person.

Since the global pandemic has considerably slowed most
vendors’ supply chain, many of the gifts customers want to buy are on a long
backorder – but encourage them they can still get that perfect item! Learn how
to process
special orders
from beginning to end in our knowledge base. Offer to
print a special card or certificate so the recipient still has something to open
on the holiday.

If you do have a Trek bike in stock
that’s going to be a gift, you can assign the sale to the gift-giver (so it
counts towards their “top customer” status) but have the bike registered to the
recipient. You can also specify it’s a gift so the registration information isn’t
sent out early and ruins the surprise! Learn all about Trek
in our knowledge base.

Now more than ever, customers are
relying on eCommerce websites to research, check for stock, and even order their

And don’t forget – even if your customer isn’t quite sure about size or color, just print them a gift receipt so the recipient can easily exchange it without knowing exactly how much was spent. On the Change Due dialog box, just check Print Gift Receipt before you click the OK button.

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