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The Best Productivity Enhancement in Years

August 7, 2013 Inventory, Ordering, Version Updates Mark

“Best productivity enhancement in years!”  That’s what one our customers told us when describing this new feature.  You be the judge.

Scan Serial Numbers at Receiving:

Starting in Version 2.7 you can configure Ascend to automatically prompt you to scan a bike’s serial number immediately after scanning its UPC barcode.  This will allow you to quickly receive bikes and enter the actual serial number for each one as soon as the they enter your store.

Let’s use a Trek bike box label for an example.  First you’ll scan the UPC barcode.  After you hear the confirmation tone, the new Enter Serial Number window will appear.  Then scan the serial number barcode.  Repeat the same process for each bike.





Version 2.7 is scheduled to be available to our Release Candidate dealers on August 20th.  If you’d like to be part of this group, contact our Ascend Support Team for more details.  Version 2.7 will be available for everyone on September 17th.

 Trek Bike Box Label History:  Years ago Trek bike boxes only had warehouse barcodes that had a ‘P’ or an ‘S’ in front of the part number and serial number.  It was a hassle to remove those extra letters.  Thanks to the efforts of long time Trek employee and current Ascend team member, Mike Bentheimer, that is history.  Mike spearheaded the effort to get a specific section for dealers on every bike box that included UPC and serial number barcodes.  Thanks Mike!

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8 responses to “The Best Productivity Enhancement in Years”

  1. Ken Tashoff says:

    Next step: Part number and serial number bar codes on the packing slip. Then, once the bikes have been Becker in against the packing slip, they can be scanned in off the packing slip.

  2. Ken Tashoff says:

    Great feature! I hope this will make checking in bikes more automated for a single person to complete. Now I have to walk back and forth between the bikes and the computer. Twice for each bike. I hope this will allow me to just stand at the bikes and scan, or at least only make one trip for each bike.

    • mhoggatt says:

      Ken, this new feature should allow you to do just what you’re asking for here. You can configure an audible alert in Ascend to tell you when to scan the serial number. So you don’t have to be walking back and forth to the computer. Go to Options > General > Audio Files to set it.

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  4. Bob Reardon says:

    With the current system we can tell which bikes are still in the box by the “Not Assigned” line in the serial number field. How are we going to know which bikes still need to be built if every bike has a serial # at the time it’s received? Whatever method you come up with the unbuilt bikes need to be tagged in Ascend and available in a query as we print an inventory spreadsheet because on Saturday’s we have more people selling bikes than we have computers in the store.

    • mhoggatt says:

      Bob, to see what bikes need to be built, simply go into the Not Assembled , Not Sold serial number folder in Database Explorer.

      • Bob Reardon says:

        Not a useful solution on a busy day in retail where I’m trying to find bike(s) for a customer to test ride. When I’ve used DB Explorer to drill down in Products|Bikes|Mountain and checked off Inventory Only & Show All and then chose the Serial # button at the bottom I can down arrow through the list to find the Not Assigned/Assigned bikes real quick. The Serialization folder isn’t going to tell me what the bikes cost us, what they sell for and if they are on sale.

        I’d much rather be able to customize the DB Explorer view like you can with Windows Explorer so we can get the data that we need in the list view and not have to click the Serial # button.

        When I’m selling a bike these things in DB Explorer’s right hand pane are absolutely useless:

        “Cost” should have a Check Box just like Dexter does so I can show a customer our inventory when I tell him we only have one left in his size and color and not have to shrink the window to obscure the Cost column and everything to the right.

        Give me the option to choose any of the info related to the inventory item like you can with Windows Explorer and I’ll be happier than when we got the Special Order Receipt option.

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