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The Fine Print You'll Actually Want to Read

October 23, 2013 Customers, Products, Sales, Version Updates, Work Orders Mark

With every new release we, like most software companies, tout the big new features.  But buried down in the fine print of the release notes are many small changes worthy of your attention.  We understand if we only focus on big projects, small but necessary improvements get neglected.  So with every release we’re devoting a portion of our time to small improvements.  We’re also making sure to select ones that have a significant positive impact.  There are several small improvements that you’ll get in Version 2.8.  Here are some of them:

Don’t Discount Your Bike Sales:

In Version 2.7 we added an ‘Exclude Labor Items’ check box to the Discount Calculator window.  We heard many positive reviews about this.  We also heard many of you ask “can you do the same thing for bikes?”.  The answer is “yes we can!”.  In Version 2.8 we’ve added a new “Exclude Serialized Items” check box to the Discount Calculator.

Search by E-Mail Address:

It should be your goal to collect e-mail addresses from as many of your customers as possible.  You should also try to attach a customer record to as many of your transactions as you can.  To help, we’ve added the ability to search for customers by their e-mail address in the Select Customer window. 

Product Categorization Help:

It’s important that every product you have is assigned to a category.  We’ve made a couple of improvements to help you.  First, we added a Search field to the Category Mapper screen.  Second, we updated the ‘Products Sold with no Category’ report.  We added a Finish Date column to see when the products were sold.  We also added MSRP and Extended MSRP columns to help see the total value of the products being sold without a category.

These are a few of the small improvements you can expect to see in Version 2.8.  More are planned and we’ll detail them in a future blog.  Version 2.8 will be available for early release on November 12th.  It’s scheduled for release to everyone on December 10th.

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