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Have you updated to the March 2019 version of Ascend yet? There’s no time like the present! This new update comes with a lot of great new videos on Ascend University, so hurry over to Ascend U and reclaim your Ascend Sherpa status.

March 2019 update: The latest version of Ascend is available! The March 2019 version of Ascend brings a lot of amazing new improvements including more functionality for Transfers, updated Trek product registration, improved customer notifications, and more. 

If you’re still running an older version, take a moment to schedule time outside of your store hours to update your database today!

Notify the right people: We’ve updated your prompt to notify customers when a Special Order item arrives in your shop. With more details about the transaction, customer, and staff involved in the sale, you can confidently notify the appropriate people that an item has arrived. You can even contact the Technician in a Work Order Detail so they can grab the part right away and finish the customer’s ticket.

Check out the latest video on Ascend University to learn more. 

Don’t spoil the surprise: When you sell a serialized Trek item, you’re prompted to register it on behalf of the customer and email them about their new product. In March 2019, the form has been updated so you can easily delay that email for gifts – to avoid spoiling the surprise!

Watch the video to get the details.

Smartify your TV with Ascend University: Speaking of Ascend University, we’re running another awesome contest for our retailers! Watch all the videos and complete all the quizzes in Ascend University to qualify to win one of two Toshiba HD Smart TVs.

If you’re currently an Ascend Sherpa – keep an eye on your status! We’re adding new videos all the time and this contest goes until May 1st.

Trekfest: Trekfest is coming up fast and Ascend is here to help things go smoothly. The Trekfest promotions will be added to the Ascend promotion Wizard on April 3rd. This delayed posting will help us handle any last-minute changes before you download the promotion into your database.

The Promotion Wizard will include separate downloads for current products, and any new product release that happens during TrekFest, so you can easily decide if you want to offer sales pricing on the new items (or not!).

The rebate query for Trekfest will be posted after the promotion ends on April 16th.



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