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August 28, 2015 Trek Connect Retail Marketing Eddy

The Trek Connect Retail Marketing Program is set to kickoff soon for all US and Canada Ascend retailers. If you haven’t signed up yet, don’t let this opportunity pass you by. You can click here to get started. If you’re already signed up, keep reading to learn how to make sure you’re ready for your first mailing.

Clean House: We say it often, but can’t stress it enough: your data is only as effective as your capture rate and accuracy. So, to make sure that your mailers get to the right customers, we’ve got some tips that will help make everything run as smoothly as possible.

But remember: your top customers aren’t necessarily those who spend the most. The frequency and recency with which they visit also play a part, so while the list you’re able to extract from your system might get you close to your Trek Connect mailing list, there might be some discrepancies.

Data Capture Made Easy: In reality, you probably don’t want to have to keep verifying customer data. So why not automate the process? Not only will our updated scanner scan virtually any barcode, but it allows you to scan nearer and farther than any other scanner in it’s class. Plus, it has the ability to scan driver licenses!

Coming with the Fall 2015 version of Ascend is the ability to add customer data to the customer record with a single scan. Capture the full name, street address, state, zip code, birthday, and gender without having to type it all out line by line.

What does this mean for you? Better data, faster checkout, shorter lines, and happy customers. And if you’re participating in the Trek Connect Retail Marketing Program, these updated scanners provide you with a foolproof way to ensure you have the right data when you need it to help your business grow.

Here to Help: As your first point of contact for all things Trek Connect Retail Marketing, we’d like to encourage you to give our Support Team a call with any questions you might have regarding your system, coupon setup, data capture techniques, or other best practice routines. We also have this handy guide to help you find your way. If you still have questions, shoot an email to help@ascendrms.com.

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