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Time to Tidy Up

April 11, 2017 Hardware, Sales, Version Updates Erin

It’s time to dust off the cobwebs – spring is definitely here! Let’s start the cleaning by wrapping up TrekFest, updating some Options, bringing in new hardware, and more with this weeks post.

Wrap up Trek Fest: Trek Fest has come to an end for your customers, but there’s still a little more before you’re finished.

To complete Trek Fest, make sure to download the Trekfest 2017 Bikes Sold and Trekfest 2017 Cards Redeemed queries. Run the queries in Ascend and export the results. Then, email the results of each query to Trek customer service at trek-salesservices@trekbikes.com.

Trek Fest Queries are due by Monday, April 24th. Check out our help topic for all the details.

Clean up your pop-ups: What does it means when you get a pop-up saying Ascend can’t connect to your payment processing device? This message is actually specific to the workstation, so it most commonly appears on computers that don’t have an Ingenico connected – such as an office or Service Center computer.

You can turn off the pop-up (for machines that don’t have Ingenicos) by going to Options > Payment Processing > Pinpad Setup. Then uncheck the box for Enable Ingenico Device.

uncheck Enable Ingenico Device box in Ascend Options

Do not turn this off for computers with an Ingenico payment terminal that should be accepting payments; if you do, the computer will not recognize the device and you won’t be able to process credit or debit cards.

Speaking of: That reminder to update to the newest version of Ascend is another pop-up you might still be seeing! Luckily, you can get rid of it – and check a big item off your list – in one fell swoop.

Over 70% of our locations world-wide have already updated. If you’re not part of that group, plan some time outside of business hours to update your shops today.

Take advantage of our hardware deals: April is for expos, which means we have additional show hardware on hand including: receipt printers, cash drawers, barcode scanners, payment terminals, and workstation PCs. To help lighten our inventory, we’re selling this hardware at closeout prices!

But hurry – we have a limited availability. And these items are sold on a first come-first served basis, so get your order in now!

Are you a Canadian retailer feeling a bit left out? Unfortunately, we can’t ship our show hardware outside of the US. To help make up for it, we’re offering you 5% off of new hardware purchases through the end of the month.

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