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Time to update!

September 19, 2017 Sales, Version Updates, Videos, Work Orders Harriet Owen

The Autumn 2017 version of Ascend is already a day old! Have you updated yet? Read on to learn more about the new features and sign up for a live tour of the changes lead by our product manager, Luke Natvig.

Spaces: Let’s start with some new functionality we’ve called Spaces. Spaces allow your team to quickly find and store repair items in predefined spots within your shop. Create, manage, and assign spaces to serialized items even if you don’t have individual hooks! Ascend allows you to re-use space names to make it easy for shops of all sizes to efficiently locate customer products.

Click here to learn more about Spaces by completing the Ascend University module.

Quickies: When the customer is involved, every second matters. With Autumn 2017, Ascend gives you the ability to add one or more commonly used SKUs to any Work Order Detail with the click of a button. You can create up to twelve shortcuts and keep your checkout lines moving even on the busiest days.

Click here to learn how to create Work Order Details by completing the Ascend University module.

Work Order Scheduling: Scheduling just got really easy! Set up individual mechanic availability with unlimited lead times and keep your tech center running smoothly. The new update for Ascend helps you visualize your work order availability by team member and allows you to quickly assign the work at the point of sale with just a few clicks.

Click here to learn how to set the schedule with Technician Settings by completing the Ascend University module.

Getting started: Besides completing the new modules on Ascend University, you can find additional resources by visiting the Help tab on our website.

Having trouble or need more answers? We’re here to help –  give us a call on 01908360150. You can also submit submit Autumn 2017 update feedback here.



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