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'Tis the Season for Inventory

December 12, 2011 Inventory Mark

Before we talk about inventory, here’s another plug for Version 2.2.  It’s due out this week.  Register for a webinar to get a detailed overview of the new features.  Check out Dexter for the details.  If you can’t make it, watch the recording.  If you’re already on Version 2 this will be a simple upgrade.  When you see the update reminder, click on Internet Update and follow the instructions.  If you’re still on Version 1 and haven’t yet joined the nearly 600 locations on V2, now is the time.  Contact the Support Team at help@ascendrms.com for our complete “Version 1 to Version 2 Upgrade Guide”.

And now, let’s talk about inventory.  For many of you, the approach of winter means you’ll soon be taking a full count of your store inventory.

 This is an important and valuable project for your business. To make sure it goes well, start preparing several weeks in advance.  Don’t wait until the night before your inventory (or morning of!) to get ready.  Use our training resources to help you prepare, . New this year we have created “The Complete Guide to Inventory Counts”.  We also have updated our popular series of recorded webinars.  All of this and more can be found on our website at www.ascendrms.com

On the training front, we’re trying something new this year that I’m very excited about.  Jackie Schoenholtz, our Training Coordinator, came up with the great idea of hosting “Inventory Fantasy Camp” next month at our two Trek Stores in Madison, Wisconsin.  They’re already sold out.  Campers will come for two days.  The morning of Day 1 will be spent in the classroom.  In the afternoon the campers will go to one of the stores to prep it for inventory.  On Day 2 they’ll go back to the store to complete an actual full count of all their inventory.  I’m sure many of you are thinking that taking inventory in January in Wisconsin is a far cry from any your personal fantasies.  Fair enough.  But we really believe this is going to be a great experience for everyone.  We want to have more camps next year.  If you’re interested in being a host site, let us know.

On the new features front, we just added five new inventory adjustment types to help better track your inventory. They are Owner’s Draw, Rental, Sales/Display Use, Shrink and Sponsorship.  They are available to our Beta Dealer Team now and will be available to everyone in Version 2.3 due out in March 2012.  If you’re interested in being a beta dealer, let us know.  If that doesn’t interest you, we also have our Early Release Group that will get to update to the new features in February.

One final note, the ability to view availability at QBP’s new Pennsylvania warehouse is in beta now.   It will be available to all dealers in Version 2.3 in March.

Good luck this inventory season!


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