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Top 5 #TrekWorld Topics

We had a fantastic time at #TrekWorld visiting with our great customers.  Here were the Top 5 conversation topics:

  1. Financial Discipline:  The seminar of the week was John Burke’s “7 Keystone Habits for Successful Dealers”.  Keystone habit #1 was “Financial Discipline”:  You should have a 2014 budget by the end of this year.  You should be able to produce financial statements within 10 days after month end.  The great news is your Ascend Support Team can help you with all of this.  We also introduced a new QuickBooks Health Checkup Report.  Contact the Ascend Support Team for more details.
  2. Inventory Integrity:  Keystone habit #2 was “Inventory Integrity”:  You should complete an annual inventory count and perform regular cycle counts.  We’re introducing new features to help with all of this.  There was a ton of buzz around our new process to scan serial numbers at receiving and excitement about our new Reconcile Inventory process.  We also announced the dates for our next Inventory Fantasy Camp (October 29th & 30th in Waterloo).
  3. Customer Data Capture:  There were 4 seminars focused of different aspects of marketing.  A common theme amongst all of them was the need to capture more customer contact information.  In our Ascend seminar we talked about all the ways in Ascend to get more email addresses and mobile phone numbers.
  4. New Hardware:  Everybody was excited to see our new Dell Latitude 10 tablet and our Motorola MC2180 inventory scanner.  Both will be available for sale soon.  Stay tuned here for more details.
  5. Ascend Customer Network:  Many people signed up to join our new Ascend Customer Network.  It’s a great new way for us to communicate with each other.  If you haven’t signed up yet, drop us an email at help@ascendrms.com and we’ll send you an invitation to join.
  6. BONUS TOPIC – “How many hugs did you get?!”:  This was the question Ascend Team members were asking each other after the event.  The totals varied but as a whole the answer was A LOT.  Over the years we’ve developed great partnerships and friendships with our customers.  It’s always great to see everyone in person and we’re looking forward to seeing you again some day soon.

Version 2.7 Coming Soon!

We’re putting the finishing touches on Version 2.7 and will be making it available to our Release Candidate group next week.  If you’d like to be part of this early preview, contact the Ascend Support Team.  It will be available for everyone on September 17th.



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