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Towards the summit

We’ve got some important updates for you this week! Read on to learn more about some upcoming limited support, the importance of keeping your PCs upgraded, and the General Data Protection Regulation taking effect later this month. 

Heading towards the summit: Every year, our global headquarters in Waterloo, WI hosts a week-long summit bringing together Ascend team members from all world-wide offices. And our goal is simple: analyze our current products, workflows, and services to ensure we can help you grow. 

This year, we’ll be hosting various internal seminars that’ll keep some or all of our team members from the support line. Here’s a schedule to help you plan ahead for next week:

We apologize for any inconvenience should you encounter extended wait times, but appreciate your patience as we work to serve you better!

Ready for an upgrade?: Your computers are what keep your business moving. We want to make sure you avoid trouble at the point-of-sale due to outdated hardware. If you’re using an outdated machine, you might be contributing to a less-than-stellar customer service experience and your employees are probably feeling it too. 

Avoid unnecessary shutdowns and speed up your work-flows by updating today! Order now.

Product spreadsheet imports: If you manually import vendor product spreadsheets, you’re probably familiar with the “Import Only New” option that prevents previously created products in your database from being overwritten. But sometimes you need to update old products with new pricing or costs, so it might be necessary to temporarily uncheck this option by navigating to Options > General > Import Only New Products for Vendors.

It’s also good practice to back up your database before making any changes to multiple products en masse to make it easier to revert your system if unwanted changes are made.

Once your spreadsheet is imported, it’s important to remember to turn the Import Only New option back on to prevent accidentally overwriting existing products by you or a team member. Forgetting to do so might cause unwanted changes.

GDPR & You: The General Data Protection Regulation requires businesses to protect the personal data and privacy of European citizens for transactions that occur within European Union member states. But you don’t have to live in Europe to take advantage of easy data control measures. 

If you currently collect personal customer data using your Ascend system, rest assured that you are equipped to easily comply with any deletion, correction, production, or copy request. Learn how.


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