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Track Those Add-Ons

February 15, 2017 Ascend, Reports, Sales, Work Orders Eddy

Spring is on its way and that means tune-ups. This week, we’re reviewing the difference between products added to your sales transaction versus those added to work order details and we’ve got a reminder to sign-up for your very own website login account. Read on to learn more!

Work Order Details screen.

All in the details: Accuracy is vital when dealing with inventory and it’s just as important when processing sales. Ascend allows you to track add-on dollars for work orders, but you need to remember to accurately add products to your transaction.

Products added to the Work Order Details screen that are not categorized as labor or bikes will be accurately tracked as “add-on items”. This ensures that add-on reporting in Analytics and AOR correctly shows you totals for only the “extra” products you were able to sell on that work order.

You’ll also want to ensure that all other relevant details regarding the mechanic that serviced a customers’ product is filled in correctly, especially if you’re incentivizing additional sales or productivity for your team.

Transaction screen.

If after a product is serviced a customer wants to purchase additional items, the cashier should add those products just to the sales transaction. This allows you to only have to process payment information once, but keeps credit for the specific sales separate.

Request a login: Make sure to request a personalized login for our website as soon as possible! We’ll be changing the way that users log in after next week (February 20th). Visitors without a unique account may not be able to log in – that means losing access to vendor product lists, Ascend import templates for customers and products, how-to guides, and much more.

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