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Trek Card Goes Mobile

January 20, 2016 General, Payment Processing, Sales Erin

The Trek Card mobile app is here! Next time you’re ringing up a sale, be prepared for customers to pull out their phones instead of their wallets. We’ve also recently sent you an email invite to take a quick survey, so don’t forget to check your inbox.

There’s an app for that: Trek has recently released an app that offers customers an easy way to access their Trek Card account and pay for purchases using nothing but their phones. It can be downloaded from the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store.

But what does it mean for you?

Well, stores using the new Symbol DS4308 scanners can scan the Trek Card pay screen on their customers’ phones to process payments. And because the DS4308 scanner also enables you to automatically capture valuable customer information by scanning driver licenses, checkout should be a breeze. Haven’t updated your hardware? No worries. Send an email to our Sales Team at sales@ascendrms.com for pricing and availability.

 While you wait for your new hardware, you won’t have to worry about being unable to process mobile payment transactions. Physical Trek Cards can still be swiped like normal and Trek Card information can be entered manually from the app, if needed. But you should still…

Play it safe: The new Trek Card app is a simple and secure way for customers to pay. However, we still want to double-check a couple things when scanning to discourage fraudulent activity. So, keep these two things in mind:

Last call: You’ve probably already responded, but if not, don’t forget about that survey in your inbox. Each year we try to gauge the progress we’ve made with the program and services we offer, but there’s no way of knowing if we’re doing it right unless you speak up. It’s only two questions long and only one of them is required! Thanks in advance.

Not on our email list? We can fix that. Send your email address with the subject Opt-in to training@ascendrms.com.


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2 responses to “Trek Card Goes Mobile”

  1. Did you fix it so it reads the Minnesota Drivers Licenses?
    “because the DS4308 scanner also enables you to automatically capture valuable customer information by scanning driver licenses”
    We tried this at your demo and MN Drivers info would’nt scan.
    thanks, Tom

    • Travis Grant says:

      Hi Tom, Minnesota has elected to only have the card holders Name, Date of Birth, and License Number. Illinois is another state that does not offer additional information within the 2d-Barcode. Other States in the past offered little to no information but have since changed. I wouldn’t expect MN to change soon however because their current enhanced drivers license just came out last year.
      Could always try to push your local representative into bringing the issue up. 🙂

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