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Update to Winter 2015

December 15, 2015 Ascend, General, Reports, Version Updates Eddy

We’ve been well above 40 degree weather for most of December, but don’t be fooled: Winter 2015 is here. Update today to take advantage of updates to Work Orders, Reservations, promotional sales abilities and payment processing.

Update Now: The Winter 2015 version of Ascend allows you to easily:

And there’s much more! So go update: it’s quick and easy. Not convinced? Click here to see more.

Easy Edits: The Winter 2015 version of Ascend also allows you to toggle in-cell editing for Purchase Orders. Just use the new In-Cell icon on the toolbar to select your preference and prepare to enjoy quick and easy Order Quantity edits.

Grow Your Women’s Business: If you’re an Ascend Analytics user, you’ll be glad to hear that we’ve added two helpful metrics to determine how much of your business is done by women and for women. You can now use:

Just remember: your data is only as good as your capture rate, so make sure your accurately tracking gender data with new and current employees as well as at the point of sale.

Need some help with that? Update to the Symbol DS4308 driver license scanner. It allows you to scan 1-D, 2-D, electronic, paper, and plastic levels. It’ll even try to fill-in-the-blank if the barcode is dirty, scratched, or poorly printed. And with the Winter 2015 version of Ascend, you can capture full name, street address, state, zip code, birthday, and gender with a simple scan!

Contact our Sales Team for more information at sales@ascendrms.com and make sure to mention this post.

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