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Updated subscription fees

May 14, 2018 Ascend, Ascend Help, General Mark

This week we’ve got a special message from our Ascend General Manager, Mark Hoggatt, regarding the recent update to our subscription cycles and some awesome news on upcoming integrations.

Dear Customers,

I’m writing to you today to announce changes to our Ascend fees:

  1. Starting in May, we’ll bill you monthly for your Ascend subscription.  In previous years we billed one lump sum in May for the entire year.
  2. We’re implementing a tiered rate structure. The amount you pay will be based on the business volume at each of your locations.

The importance and expense of I.T. systems is growing larger for all businesses, including cycling and outdoor retailers.  We have and will continue to make significant investments in Ascend to help guide you to success.  It’s our firm belief that the value of our systems and our support far outweigh the costs you pay.  In the coming year you can look forward to many improvements including these major enhancements:

As always, your subscription also includes:

It is our pleasure to serve you. We value your business and look forward to another productive year together.  If you ever have any questions, please call us at 877-875-8663 or e-mail us at help@ascendrms.com.  Or you can always contact me personally at mark@ascendrms.com.


Mark Hoggatt

General Manager, Ascend Retail Management Solutions



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One response to “Updated subscription fees”

  1. Thomas Jenkins says:

    When it comes to Analytics and reporting it would be very helpful to see “service” labor cost per day. This would report would take a s hops designated “wrench” hours a day (time clock) and multipled by their estimated hourly wage. I would think this would be a relatively easy report maybe a query?

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