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Updates and Integration

There are a lot of cool things to look forward to in the Spring 2016 version of Ascend, including electronic signature capture and Chip & PIN processing with the Ingenico payment terminals. Here are a couple more things to convince you to spring forward with Ascend’s Spring 2016 version.

Introducing Integrated Gift Cards: In the Spring 2016 version of Ascend, we added a new Givex Gift Card payment type for our Paymentech integrated retailers. The balance is processed through Chase Paymentech, stored by Givex, and attached to the number of the plastic card you swipe and give to the customer at time of purchase. If you are not integrated, there is no change in Payment Types for gift cards and gift certificates. Win-win!

Keep Your Gifts Positive: We also updated both Gift Card and Gift Certificate payment types so you cannot “go in the wrong direction” when issuing a gift card or certificate. This means that amount totals going on the card must be parentheses before Ascend allows you to save the payment onto the transaction – signifying that your store “owes” the customer money.

Confused? It’s okay, let’s run through an example: say you take the payment from your customer first and then select Gift Card; Ascend will now automatically match the card amount to what the customer paid you. So, if a customer gives you $20 cash to load onto a card and then you select “Gift Card”, Ascend will automatically set the the gift card amount as ($20). After swiping the card, it should then hold a $20 balance to be used at your shop. Before Spring 2016, it would be possible to enter $20 instead of ($20) – causing your staff to fix discrepancies in the future, but no longer! Rest easy knowing that integrated gift card transactions will now accurately track and report liability totals.

April Brings Showers and Savings: This month only, you can get the Ingenico iSC250 payment terminal for only $700 and you can even bundle it with the stand for an extra $50. That’s $65 below our normal prices! Contact the Support Team or email sales@ascendrms.com for more information.

In Case You Missed It: We are fully EMV certified, which is another awesome reason to look into the Ingenico terminals. We are continuing to roll out the Spring 2016 version of Ascend, with the chip-reader capabilities, to our integrated retailers during the next couple weeks. So if you’re integrated with Paymentech, make sure you’ve enabled end-to-end encryption so you can jump on to the latest and greatest version of Ascend as soon as possible.

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2 responses to “Updates and Integration”

  1. janet hall says:

    Will the update remove the HUGE list of customers that have gift certificate liabilities?

    Basically, any customer that bought a gift card or used a gift card is on that list. We ring up gift cards under the customer who purchased the gift card, but the person who redeems it is not necessarily the same person. So, basically those gift certificate liabilities in ascend mean nothing to us. If the update does not remove them, we would like a query to remove all those numbers that really don’t mean any thing anyway.

    • Sarah says:

      Hi Janet –
      Sorry we missed this post.

      Gift cards issued still show up in your liability reports – however, they now have their own Gift Card Liabilities section (and just display a total – no customer listed). As long as they were, in fact, processed as gift cards (and the cashier didn’t forget to swipe it either when it was issued or redeemed), they won’t show up in your list of customers with a balance. However, there is no way to remove Gift Card Liability amounts.

      If you do still have customers listed under Gift Certificate Liabilities, these were not processed as gift cards. In this case (or if you have customers listed with positive in-store credit balances), you can use our liability cleanup document for step-by-step instructions on correcting the balances: http://goo.gl/BrJFrk

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