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Having trouble getting Ascend to recognize your stock take scanner? Printers shared over the network having fits? Are you running Windows® 10? Reset settings from the latest round of Windows® updates may be to blame. Read on to find out how to fix these issues.

Unrecognized stock take scanner: Not seeing the familiar green Windows Mobile Device Center box pop up when you dock your inventory scanner? Is Ascend exporting your product file to the computer’s hard drive instead of directly to the scanner?

First, open up your Control Panel (just click on the Start Menu and start typing to search) and navigate to Programs and Features. Scroll until you find Windows Mobile Device Center and Windows Mobile Device Center Driver Update – in the Version column, both should list 6.1.6965.0. If they don’t, uninstall the older versions and install the latest version for your system type:

Don’t know your system type? Just right-click your Start Menu and choose System.

Next, you’ll need to access your computer’s Services (again, click the Start Menu and search away). Right-click and select Run as administrator – you’ll need to do this even if you’re using a Windows® administrator user account! Scroll until you find Windows Mobile-2003-based device connectivity and Windows Mobile-based device connectivity. If necessary, right-click each and select Stop (they may not both be running).

Now, right-click each and select Properties. Click the Log On tab, select Local System account, and check Allow service to interact with desktop. Click OK, right-click each service, and select Start.

Still having problems? Check out our inventory scanner troubleshooting knowledge base article or Ascend University module for more tips and tricks!

Networked printer issues: Do you share a single label or receipt printer among multiple computers in the shop? Labels or receipts won’t print, or getting errors that the printer isn’t connected or recognized?

Start with your Windows® Settings > Network & Internet > Ethernet. Click on the Ethernet option in the main (middle) pane and ensure Make this PC discoverable is toggled on.

Now, navigate back to Settings > Network & Internet > Status and click the Network and Sharing Center link (you may need to scroll down). Click the Change advanced sharing settings link in the left pane.

In the Private section, select the following options:

In the All Networks section, select the following options:

Click Save Changes, and you’re done. Unless your IT professional configured your computer to run on a domain, you shouldn’t need to change any other network’s settings.

Still having problems? Check out our label printer troubleshooting knowledge base article or Ascend University module for more tips and tricks!

Want to make sure your other Windows® settings are ok? Give your computers a check against our Windows® configuration guide.

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