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It’s your last chance to get entered in our Ascend University contest! Take some time to watch the latest videos from Ascend University, verify you’re up-to-date on all the modules, and get entered to win an Amazon Echo Show. Next week, we’ll be announcing our winners – after Labor Day, of course!

Labor Day: Next Monday (September 2nd) is Labor Day in the US and the Ascend support line will be closed. Emergency support will be available from 8:00am to 5:00pm CST on Monday, September 2nd for situations that stop you from processing transactions in your store. Visit our help site to get the details on Ascend’s emergency support.

For all other issues, please send us an email at help@ascendrms.com. The support line will be open again Tuesday (September 3rd) morning.

Watch to win: Our latest Ascend University contest wraps up this week; will you be entered to win an Amazon Echo Show? Just make sure you’ve completed all the Ascend University modules by 11:59PM CST on August 31st, 2019 to be entered in the drawing. If you were caught up, we recommend checking one more time – we added a couple new videos last week!

Check your Ascend University status.

Customer Data: Check out our new video on Ascend University and learn ways that customer data can help bring in repeat customers and make some sales. Wish your customers a happy birthday, reach out when they’re due for a tune-up… there’s plenty of opportunities for coupons, special sales, and more when your customer data in Ascend is complete.

Customer data also lets you know how your shop is doing with different people. For example, historically, bike shops have sold more to men than to women. But that doesn’t have to be true in your shop. And we have a report to see how you’re doing.

Learn more about customer data capture in Ascend.

Find treasure in sales: Speaking of sales, Ascend comes with a lot of big features like the Service Center to keep transactions organized and customers happy. But there’s also some  great little features in the program that can make your day-to-day sales experience easier. In our latest video, we walk through some of those features in Options, the Coupon and Promotion Wizards, and receipts.

Find the hidden gems in sales.



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