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What's an .rpt file? Upgrade and you won't care.

May 14, 2014 Ordering, Reports, Sales Luke

In version 2.10, we’ve made some replacements and additions we think you’re going to love.


We didn’t want XP to be lonely in retirement, so we decided to get rid of some older file formats, too. When you email a receipt, you’ll be sending a .pdf file instead of .htm. When you email a purchase order, it will also be .pdf instead of .htm. And we didn’t stop there. Saved reports will be .pdf instead of .rpt. and any exports that used to produce .xls files will now be in .xlsx format.


While updating these areas, we added some new functionality as well. The reports toolbar now has an Email button. Clicking this button will create a blank email draft with the report attached as a .pdf file. The SQL query toolbar has two new buttons, Email & Export. The Email button will create blank email draft with the query attached as a .xlsx file.  The Export button will give you the option of exporting the file in .csv or .xlsx format.

As a bonus, you’ll also have the option to email a purchase order as a .pdf or .xlsx attachment.

Obligatory End of XP Reminder

Computers running Windows XP will not be able to upgrade to this version. Version 2.10 went out for Early Release yesterday and will be released to all dealers on June 10th.   Happy upgrading!

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