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Where Everybody Knows Your Name

February 21, 2014 Sales, Version Updates Mark

Last week we introduced our new Customer Panel.  We continue our tour of the Customer Panel this week.  Since you’re fueling your system with so much great data, your store can be the place “where everybody knows your name” and even more.

New Information:

We’ve added some new information for you.  With “Customer Since” you can see how long that customer record has been in your system.  “Last Visit” will tell you the date of their last visit and how many days it’s been since then.

New Sales Tab:

We took the transaction totals that used to appear below the customer tabs and replaced them with the new Sales Tab.  The new tab shows all the totals you had before (sales, layaways, work orders, etc).  Now you’ll also see values for year to date sales totals,  total sales for the last 12 months and account balance.

Notes Always on Top:

If you’ve taken the time to add special notes about your customers, we want you to see them.  If the customer you select has notes, the Notes Tab will be displayed on top.  If they don’t, you’ll see the Sales Tab first.

Version 2.9 is available for early release right now.  Contact the Ascend Support Team if you want to be part of this group.  Otherwise it will be available to everyone on March 18th.

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