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Where’s my update to Summer 2016?

The Summer 2016 version of Ascend will be ready for release on June 28th. Learn how to get your hands on it, check out some of the ways it can help make your life simpler, and if you were waiting for the right time to snatch up some new hardware, don’t delay: our June specials are coming to a close.

Update Next Week: We’re putting the finishing touches on the Summer 2016 version of Ascend to get it ready for prime time. But there are quite a few variables at play with the latest update: retailer type, current Ascend version, and payment processing integration all play a part in deciding when your retail location will be eligible for the latest release. Use these tips to stay ahead of the curve and remain prepared for Summer 2016:

Test Your Skills: You didn’t think we’d release a new version of Ascend without also including some awesome new modules on Ascend University, did you? Learn how to:

Then, take the quiz to complete each module and get closer to an Ascend Sherpa! So what are you waiting for? Click here to visit Ascend University today and get started.

Save Some Green: You have just over week to take advantage of our June hardware sales. Place your order today to save on:

Limited Support Availability: We’ve got Holiday Hours coming up for the 4th of July weekend – don’t forget to tell your staff! There will be limited support available via our Emergency Support Line (8am to 5pm Central) on both Friday, July 1st and Monday July 4th.

We will be back to normal support hours on Tuesday, July 5th.

And as always, please let us know if you need any help making the most out of your retail management system. Email us, visit us on the Ascend Customer Network, submit your enhancement ideas on UserVoice or call us directly at (877) 875-8663. Happy selling!


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