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The Spring 2016 version of Ascend is almost here! And we’re doing our best to keep you in the loop on everything spring. This week we’re sharing previews of a few more of the gems you can expect on March 29th, along with some setup instructions that will ensure your store is ready for the update.

Product Search: We know the Product window will be receiving a few updates in the Spring 2016 version of Ascend. But the Product search in Database Explorer got some upgrades too! We replaced our checkboxes with icons for “Inventory Only”, “Show All”, and “Hidden”. The “Inventory Only” icon is now selected by default for Products and Vendor Products, to help narrow down your search. And, if you want to see products that are out-of-stock, you can now simply click the icon to turn off “Inventory Only”.

Gift Cards: In The Spring 2016 version, we’ve separated our integrated Gift Card processing from our Gift Certificate payment type. This helps differentiate between plastic gift cards with the magnetic strips, and the paper gift certificates you might be printing in-house. If you use integrated gift card processing in Ascend, a new “Gift Card” payment type will appear on your payments toolbar next to your current “Gift Cert” button. You’ll use this new button moving forward to issue and process gift cards.

WO Details: We’re continuing to improve Work Orders with the Spring 2016 version of Ascend. One cool new feature is the ability to hide a Work Order Detail. Upon upgrade, you’ll be able to remove the products from the Work Order Detail (with our nifty new “Remove” icon in WO Details) and then check the “Hidden” box. When you save it, that Work Order Detail will be removed from Work Orders Due and the Database Explorer.

Check out Ascend University to learn more about these and all other updates coming to a workstation near you.

Update: All caught up with your modules? Then you’re probably itching to know when you’ll be able to update. This year, you can expect a bit of a different flow if you’re a multi-store retailer due to some of the big changes we’re making to the way your system stores product information.

If you’re a single store retailer, you’ll be prompted to update on March 29th.

Multi-store retailers will be prompted in stages over the next month, so don’t be surprised if you can’t update right away. We’ll be working hard to get everyone up to speed as soon as possible and you can help by updating your workstations within 48 hours of becoming eligible. This will allow us, and your team, to guarantee that the transition to real-time updates between your locations goes smoothly.


On another note: Have you been prompted to update to Windows 10 recently? If not, you may be soon. The Windows 10 update is classified as a Recommended Update – which many computers run automatically. You can check Control Panel > Windows Update > change settings to see if your computer runs updates automatically.

But never fear – Ascend is compatible with Windows 10, so you should be able to do everything you can now after the update.

Windows 10 may reset some of your computer’s Network and Sharing defaults related to network connected printers. If that happens, you will need to update your advanced sharing options. If you have any issues or concerns, feel free to contact us for more information or assistance.

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