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Winter is Coming

The Winter 2016 version of Ascend, that is – no need to find yourself a direwolf! Early release retailers can expect to see the new version early next week, and the rest of you only need to wait another month. Stay tuned here for the next few weeks to get a sneak peek at all the new features.

Receiving Ready: We’ll start things off with a makeover for receiving orders. When you click the Receive tile on the Ascend Desktop, you’ll go straight into Database Explorer, where you can search, sort, and filter to find exactly the order you need.

The Active toggle on the toolbar makes it easy to switch between all orders and just those that haven’t been completely received.

When you open an unsubmitted order, the Receiving checkbox stays unchecked so you can keep adding to it, but submitted orders check the box for you so that you’re ready to start scanning products in right away.

King of the Count: It’s not too early to start thinking about inventory! Review our Physical Inventory help topics, guide, and Ascend University modules to make sure you’re prepared to make your end-of-year counts go as smooth as possible.

And while you’re at it, look over the Cycle Counts help topics, guide, and Ascend University modules so you can start 2017 off right.

Upgrade and Save: If you’re still hanging onto old MC1000 inventory scanners, now is perfect the time to upgrade to the MC2180. The MC1000 has been discontinued by the manufacturer for several years, and has only limited support for a few more.

During the month of November, get a brand-new scanner for just $1100 USD ($1408 CAD) with 12 months of interest-free financing – talk about a sweet deal!

Email sales@ascendrms.com or call us at 877-875-8773 to take advantage of this offer.

Recall Incoming: A small number of 2014 and 2015 Trek bicycles were made with a steerer that can come loose from the fork and allow the front wheel to turn unexpectedly. If this happens, the rider could lose control of the bicycle, possibly resulting in a serious accident.

To ensure the safety of your customers, please check your inventory to see if you still have any affected models in stock. If you do, please hold this inventory until it has been repaired.

Get the full details on Dexter, then get the how-to instructions for Ascend.


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