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Work it!

October 11, 2017 Ascend Help, Ascend University, Work Orders Erin

There’s a good chance your store is on the Fall 2017 version of Ascend right now. This week, to help you make the most of our Work Order enhancements, we’ve put together an FAQ! Read on to learn more.

Update to Fall: 80% of our retailers worldwide have updated to the Fall 2017 version of Ascend. If you’re not one of them, grab a pen and get it on that calendar! Set aside time before or after store hours to update to the latest version and start enjoying technician schedule settingspre-defined Spaces, enhanced processing for branded MasterCard EMV cards, and more

Work Order FAQs: Fall 2017 brought a lot of new features to Work Orders. But with change, comes some confusion. So let’s address some common WO questions:

How do I see what I want to see in the WO Due/Ready for Pickup screen?

The columns on the Work Orders Due and Work Orders Ready for Pickup screens are customizable by User! You can click and hold on the column headers to move them. Drop them in the order you want to see them. Then click and hold the line between columns to resize them.

You can also hide columns from your view. Right-click on a column header to get further options. Select Column Chooser. Drag columns you no longer wish to see back to the Column Chooser and drag columns you want to see up to the top row.

You can also use the filters on the left side of the screen to further customize your view. And when you come back to this screen, or log in on another workstation, Ascend will remember your layout.

Check out our video on Ascend University to learn more.

Can we change the font/size of text in the WO Due/Ready for Pickup screens?

No, the font cannot be changed on the Work Orders Due or Work Orders Ready for Pickup screens. The font was updated in this release based on feedback from you – our retailers! Many people had difficulty seeing the smaller text, so we bumped it up a bit.

We recommend organizing your columns and adjusting column widths to create the layout that works best for you. Column layout is User specific – so everyone on your team can create something that works for them – and Ascend will remember your layout when you log in.

When and how can I change the WO Detail’s Due Date?

How you edit the Work Order Due Date depends on your settings under Options > Sales and Returns > Scheduling (under Work Orders).

If you’re using By Number: Set the number of WOs that can be completed in a day. Then, in the Work Order Detail, fill in the Due Date field and select the service technician in the Technician dropdown. If needed, you can come back and edit these fields at a later time.

If you’re using By Time: The first thing you’ll want to do is set up your service technicians and their work schedules using Technician Settings in Ascend. Then, in the Work Order Detail, click the View Availability button to assign the ticket to a service technician, using the calendar grid.

Get the details at our help site or check out the video.

What are Spaces?

Spaces are the new and improved version of ‘Location’ that make it easier for you to organize your shop in a way that makes sense for your layout and maximizes your team’s efficiency.

To start, navigate to Options Sales and Returns > Spaces. From here, you can create your list by clicking on the blank row and typing in the desired name. If needed, you can also click the edit icon by Space in your Work Order Details to add new spaces.

Then, in the Work Order Details or the serialization window, you can use the Space field to assign that bike to a specific area in your shop, where your sales staff and service technicians can easily find it.

Visit our help site or check out our video on Ascend University to learn more.

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  1. ascendsupport says:

    Unfortunately, the ability to add, edit, and delete Spaces falls under the System Tools permission. I think that is a BIG mistake, and should be corrected. I don’t want to give System Tool permission to too many people. I believe the permission should be separated out from there.

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