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Work Orders Just Got Cool

December 3, 2015 Version Updates, Work Orders Eddy

The Winter 2015 version of Ascend is right around the corner. This week we’re going to dive into work orders . Why? Because we’ve made quite a few major improvements we think you’re going to like. Read on to see how everything from your receipts to your workflow is about to get better.

Cool thing #1: ticket numbers are automatically generated. That means you don’t have to worry about setting or resetting your count. Ascend assigns a ticket number to each order automatically and makes it easily accessible on your paper copy.

Cool thing #2: adding comments to a work order has never been easier. With the new comments field, cashiers can record all relevant details for specific products. And since comments print on the Work Order Details receipt and not the Sales receipt, keeping all your notes in-house is a breeze.

Cool thing #3: tracking is a check away and the new timer gives the shop clock a run for its money. You can now mark works orders as complete with a single check and keep track of your work time right form the Work Order Details screen. Want to enter your own time or need to correct the current record? Do all of with the flick of a mouse and a few keystrokes.

Cool thing #4: you can also now select a Preferred Contact on your work orders. Don’t ever worry about ruining another Christmas (or birthday) gift again.

Cool thing #5: we’ve added a new Checked By dropdown menu which allows you to track who inspected a repair before it leaves the store. Good practices and good data go hand in hand, but when have they ever been this easy? Just select your name and done!

The next few things are a little more than cool. They’re freakin’ awesome. The team has been hard at work to keep improving Ascend in ways that make your business run as smoothly as possible and to cap the end of the year, we knew we had to go big. As soon as you update next week you’ll be able to:

Add multiple Repair Items to a single transaction. You can also include specific product model information for each item, giving you a quick way to spot the info you need at a glance.

Associate multiple customers to a single work order. That means families, clubs, and any other groups of customers can be neatly handled on just one work order.

Track product use by Repair Item. Whether it’s wiring, labor, or a light set – you can now add products to specific repair items. And the best part is that customer receipts list products by Repair Items, so they can easily see what products were used for each repair item.

Keep better track of work with updated work order tickets. That’s right: tickets. One is for your shop and clearly lists the ticket number along with customer information and repair item comments, so you can attach it to a hangtag or wrap it on a frame. The other is a sales receipt that includes all repair items along with customer contact information, work order due date, and all products used for each repair by repair item.

We know. It’s a lot. That’s we we’ve put together a short video to help guide you. Keep an eye out for it on Ascend University and make sure to update your workstations next week. You won’t want to skip Winter this year.

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10 responses to “Work Orders Just Got Cool”

  1. Will Gowers says:

    Are you looking to integrate the work orders into a calendar? Allowing estimated time and dates to be changed, much like a google calendar?

  2. Nathan says:


    Ascend seems to have disappeared a work order from our schedule without it being completed or rung out in any way, causing us to fail to get a repair done on time.
    Anyone at ascend know what might have caused this?

    • Erin says:

      Hey Nathan:

      Thanks for reaching out to us. We’ll need a little more information to solve this one. Please give us a call on the support line and our Support Team would be happy to help you get to the bottom of this.

      Thanks for reading!

  3. Rob Marten says:

    Why can’t I change the price of anything in the work order field?

  4. Evan Moore says:

    When will work orders be tied into the scheduler automatically, so that we dont have to go in after the fact and allot the time?

    Will ascend ever be able to be connected to our website for booking work orders online, and then tying that into the scheduler?

  5. Evan Moore says:

    When will work orders be tied into the scheduler automatically, so that we dont have to go in after the fact and allot the time?

    Will ascend ever be able to be connected to our website for booking work orders online, and then tying that into the scheduler.

    • lnatvig says:

      Evan, now that we’ve slayed the “multiple repairs on a single transaction” dragon, we anticipate that scheduling will be the next request to rise to the top of the list. We’ll be adding some additional small features to Work Orders in the Spring 2016 release. Updates to Work Order scheduling will likely be addressed in the second half of 2016.

  6. Brian Moon says:

    We are stoked! Can’t wait to roll this update out. Thanks for listening to our feedback and taking our questions and suggestions seriously. I really appreciated your daily tech assistance over the phone as well as our time meeting with you at Trek World. These upgrades to the Ascend platform from the service side make a world of difference in a moment that all adds up to growth and success. You have helped us make the leap from 40 years of paper based service to paperless in 2016! Our efficiency is boosting and we are really excited to see our numbers at the end of 2016 as we are certain our accuracy will be much improved as well as our quality of service and the volume of service we provide as our customer base continues to grow with a improved service experience. Thanks again and way to go getting Ascend University live. Looking forward to more to come.

    • lnatvig says:

      Thanks, Brian! We appreciate all of the feedback you’ve provided and are glad to hear you’re enjoying the new features. We look forward to providing even more great stuff in future releases.

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