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Your Single Source of Truth

If you’ve been keeping your eye on our blog over the last month, then you know that the Spring 2016 version of Ascend is just a few weeks away. The entire team is excited to share all of the new additions we’ve made and this week we’re going to take a closer look at a few that have us most excited: the Product Record updates.

While Ascend Analytics and some current system functions take advantage of the cloud, we’re taking it a step further this year with a centralized product database that will continue to have a local copy stored on your server, but that will now be accessible at every location. 

Our devs call this cloud version of your database “the single source of truth” because instead of relying on “primary” and “secondary” location distinctions, the Spring 2016 version of Ascend will allow authorized users to update product information regardless of location since it will now be “in the cloud”. 

Need to know what method of sharing is used for each area of your system? Check out our Spring 2016 Multi-Store Comparison doc.

You’ve got the power: The first thing you’ll need to know is that we’ve added a few new permissions to handle the updated Products and Vendor Products windows. These will let you fine-tune access to your system information depending on employee roles and include:

Fresh new look: Most of the work performed on this update was focused on backend functionality, but we’ve also given the product window a facelift.

The upper third of the window will now display the Product Master Data, which houses all descriptive information along with UPC, SKU, Part Number, category and Estimated Cost for your products.

The lower two-thirds of the product window are where the real changes appear. We’ve introduced a tab view to help keep all the information organized and easily accessible. Once you update, you’ll have access to:

Updated Product RecordBut we’re only scratching the surface on this one. To learn more make sure to head to Ascend University. Then, prepare to update your system on March 29th.


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4 responses to “Your Single Source of Truth”

  1. We’ve been noticing increasing periods of slow input (keyboard) response, as well as more time waiting for the computer to come out of the “not responding” stage. My concern is that increasing dependence upon non-local data could make this worse.

    Could Ascend put up a user portal where we could find your system status and response times, so we could know if an issue is at Ascend’s end our local? If I recall correctly, you’re set up so we can’t even ping you (at ms.ascendrms.com, or is there a different address we should use).

    Thanks- Mike Jacoubowsky

    • Eddy says:

      Thanks for the comment, Mike! And sorry for the delayed response. I wanted to make sure I gathered all the details before reaching out.

      Per your suggestion we’ve been exploring the ways in which we would be able to launch a status page for users and while we don’t have a solid launch date for this feature, we hope that we’ll be able to implement it in the future. This would give you (and all our other users) a better idea of when system outages might be causing issues and when it might be isolated to a particular location due to network problems or specific database errors.

      While it’s true that more data is moving to “the cloud”, we’ve programmed the non-local data to load independent of the local data to ensure adequate response times regardless of the systems ability to reach out to our severs. However, it might be a good idea to ensure a proper networking setup within your location (which might include switching to a hard-wired (ethernet) connection on any workstations that might be currently connected using a wireless card, updating your networking hardware, or exploring other internet connection packages/providers).

      If you continue to experience slow response times, please give our Support Team a call at 877 875 8663 as soon as you’re able to after experiencing the slow down so that we may be able to better asses the problem. It would also be helpful to make note of the exact tasks taking place just before or during the slow down. There are several processes at work at any given time during system use and while they might seem related, they aren’t always. So, the more details we’re able to collect about the issue, the better our chances of finding a solution for you.

  2. Debra Hall says:

    There is no mention of being able to access customer data by multiple location. Will that be available?

    • Erin says:

      Hey Debra,

      Your customer records will not be shared in real-time with the cloud… yet!

      We do have plans to add that later this year. In the meantime, your nightly data exchange will continue to share that information across locations.

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